The 3rd of March is Hinamatsuri, also known as Girls’ Day or the Doll Festival. In Japan every year we pray for good health and future happiness for girls on
this day. Families and communities display a set of Hina dolls which wear costumes of the imperial court during the Heian period (794-1185) and are placed on platforms
covered with red felt.

Year 1-3 Nihongo3 and Year 1-4 students celebrated this special day by making hina dolls (the Emperor andEmpress) and singing a song of “うれしいひなまつり
Happy Hinamatsuri” along with a video. They also read a book “ひなまつりにおひなさまをかざるわけWhy are Hina dolls displayed for Hinamatsuri?” and learnt how
this festival started. The children visited two fantastic sets of Hina dolls displayed at the school entrance and appreciated them. It is wonderful to see the students
learn about Japanese culture through these experiences


Author: Nihongo 3 & Y1-4 Ms Tadani