School leadership offers enormous rewards and increasing challenges. As well as focussing on quality teaching and learning, our priority is to create a safe and orderly environment for students and staff. The orderliness of the school’s physical and social environment includes practices such as:

* Providing a comfortable and caring environment

* Ensuring high expectations for social behaviour

* Supervising students at all times, in the classroom and the playground

* Following a clear code of conduct (Parent Handbook)

* PTA and school partnerships

* Implementing student welfare policies for anti-bullying, child protection, discipline, sun protection, nut free, medications, absentees, safety and maintenance (SJIS website)

* Security measures – Internet firewall, classroom sensors, protective fence lines

* Sick Bay, emergency and bush fire evacuation procedures, and

* Staff first aid training

By creating and maintaining safe learning environments students’ confidence and achievement can thrive. Teachers can focus on students, promote engagement in their learning and provide opportunities to build friendships.


Mrs Jodie Hoenig

Deputy Principal ( International Division)

Sydney Japanese International School