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プログラミングの授業・Coding at SJIS

This term all students have been engaged in weekly mixed lessons in Coding with an external Coding educator. 今学期SJISでは、外部の講師の方をお招きし、日本人学級・国際学級合同のミックスレッスンでプログラミングを学んでいます。 One of our

プログラミングの授業・Coding at SJIS2019-06-13T09:49:06+10:00

Creating a safe and supportive environment

School leadership offers enormous rewards and increasing challenges. As well as focussing on quality teaching and learning, our priority is to create

Creating a safe and supportive environment2018-05-04T14:57:07+10:00

Ready for reading

What prepares children and makes them ‘ready for reading’? What helps them to establish an interest in reading, and develop the skills

Ready for reading2018-05-04T14:47:38+10:00


The 3rd of March is Hinamatsuri, also known as Girls’ Day or the Doll Festival. In Japan every year we pray for


Raise a reader

Research over the years tells us, that the more you are involved in your child’s learning, the greater success your child will

Raise a reader2018-03-16T12:19:52+10:00
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