You Can Do It (YCDI) is a program that has been a part of the SJIS International Primary division for a number of years. YCDI teaches children different skills that they need to be successful and happy, throughout their schooling and beyond. In this context, “successful” means every child does the best that they can. “Happy” suggests children who like themselves, have good self-esteem, have friends, work hard in learning activities at school, challenge themselves, help others in need, and contribute to their school and home being a safe and organised place to live and learn.

YCDI aims to establish an environment where children will not spend a lot of time feeling extremely sad, worried or angry, who will not want to fight with others or spend a lot of time alone and withdrawn from play or work activities. At SJIS, the You Can Do It program focuses on developing students’ skills for Confidence, Persistence, Getting Along, Organisation and Emotional Resilience.