What can you do to be a really great leader? What qualities make a great leader? These were just a couple of questions discussed this week at the Year 5 YLead Student Leadership and Wellbeing workshop with Amy from YLead.

Through role playing exercises, group work and open discussion, students discovered the main ingredients to making a great leader. These include:

  1. Doing things every day that make the world I touch a better place.
  2. Having the courage to being the best version of myself
  3. Being trustworthy and honest
  4. Respecting relationships and respecting the opinions of others
  5. Supporting and encouraging others

The students really loved this workshop and already we have seen them putting these great learnings into action.




  1. 環境や状況が更によくなるように、毎日行動する
  2. 自分の力が発揮できるように努力する
  3. 信用を築くこと、正直でいること
  4. 他人の意見や関係性を尊重する
  5. 助け合い、協力すること



Author: Sydney Japanese International School