SJIS has been teaching MultiLit for a number of years to those students who need extra help in literacy. This year SJIS rolled out the Foundation program for Kindergarten called InitialLit. Next Year in 2020, Year 1 and Year 2 will start teaching the program. The program is a research initiative of Macquarie University.  In a recent Four Corners report “Digi Kids’ it was highlighted the fact that too many children struggle to learn to read and write. Reading is a cultural invention and our brains have not evolved to read, unlike speaking.

SJISでは、読み書きにおいてサポートが必要な児童に対して”MultiLit”というプログラムを長年活用してきました。今年SJISでは、キンディ学年の基礎プログラムとして”InitialLit”というプログラムを導入しました。来年2020年は、イヤー1とイヤー2でもプログラムが導入される予定です。このプログラムはマッコーリー大学の研究構想です。最近のFour Cornersのレポート「Digi Kids」では、非常に多くのオーストラリアの子ども達が読み書きにおいて苦戦しているということが取り上げられていました。読むということは文化的発明であり、私たちの脳は、話すことのように、読むということについて発達してこなかったのです。

Through explicit instruction in the early years, it best ensures a reduced need for students requiring literacy intervention.


The literacy block will comprise of whole class explicit instruction (on the mat) followed by practise and consolidation activities. The program also uses picture books to teach vocabulary, oral language and comprehension. Underpinning the program is oral language.


The big change to the way we will teach reading, is that children are given decodable readers. (sounding out of words) When their decoding skills are solid they will move to natural language books around the middle of Year 1.  More information on how you can support your child will be given in the parent/teacher meeting in Term 1.


We are really looking forward to implementing the program and seeing the children progress further in their literacy skills.


Reference: Four Corners report “Digi Kids

Lisa Ess

International Division Year 1 Teacher

国際学級イヤー1担任:リサ エス