Our Annual School Concert is always something we look forward to in the year. The students have practiced for over four months and are eager to showcase their talents to their family, peers, teachers and friends! It’s not just about the music but about all the students from both divisions and all nationalities coming together and doing something they love! They learn lyrics in both Japanese and English so it will help them learn different ways they can express themselves in the two languages.

I was very moved by their performance on the day as I know how hard they’ve practised and how much they wanted to impress their families! It is not easy to sing in a language that is not their first language!

I wish all future School Concerts as much success as this one! Thank you to the parents, friends, teachers, staff and the VIP’s who all contributed in their support for this wonderful school event!



SJIS Music Teacher






音楽科・中学部教員 辻和江