Life After SJIS

SJIS equips children with a strong academic and social foundation to be able to easily transition into a High School environment.

Once they have completed their SJIS education, students transition to a wide variety of high schools, depending on their individual interests. Students have transitioned to a wide range of private, selective and state schools. All of our students adapt to High School extremely well and proceed to exceed academically.

You will find SJIS graduates in the worlds of the arts, business, sport, linguistics and in technical vocations. They all have fond memories of their time at SJIS and attribute their current opportunities to their SJIS education.

We like to stay in touch with our alumni and welcome our alumni back to our school for our school concerts, events or just a visit. We are always excited to hear their stories about what they’ve achieved since leaving SJIS.

If you are SJIS alumni and would like to share your story please contact us, or connect with us on our Facebook Alumni group page

High Schools in Japan

Local High Schools


  • 開成高等学校
  • 筑波大学付属高等学校
  • 東京学芸大学附属高等学校
  • 慶応義塾高等学校
  • 慶応義塾女子高等学校
  • 慶応義塾湘南藤沢高等学校
  • 慶應義塾志木高等学校
  • 早稲田高等学院
  • 早稲田本庄高等学院
  • 渋谷教育学園幕張高等学校
  • 青山学院高等学校
  • 国際基督教大学高等学校
  • 桐蔭学園高等学校
  • 成蹊高等学校
  • 栄東高等学校
  • 芝浦工業大学中学高等学校
  • 中央大学杉並高等学校
  • 都立日比谷高校
  • 都立国際高等学校
  • 都立西高等学校
  • 錦城高等学校
  • 千葉県立市川高校
  • 千葉県立船橋高等学校
  • 茗渓学園高等学校
  • 麗澤高等学校


  • 大阪星光学院高等学校
  • 西大和学園高等学校
  • 同志社国際高等学校
  • 大阪府立千里高校
  • 立命館宇治高校
  • 早稲田摂陵高等学校 – *本校からの推薦制度提携校


  • 滝高校


  • 大分岩田学園(立命館アジア太平洋大学(APU)・立命館大学との高校・大学7年間連携教育プログラム校)- *本校からの推薦制度提携校
  • 長崎日本大学学園高等学校
  • 宮崎日本大学学園高等学校


  • 早稲田渋谷シンガポール校
  • SCEGGS-Redlandsシドニー

Selective High Schools

  • Chatswood High School
  • Northern Beaches Secondary Collage Manly Campus High School
  • North Sydney Girls High School
  • North Sydney Boys High School
  • Hornsby Girls High School

Private High Schools

  • Barker College
  • International Grammar School
  • Knox Grammar School
  • Masada College
  • Northern Beaches Christian School
  • Pymble Ladies College
  • Ravenswood School for Girls
  • Roseville College
  • Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore)
  • The Hills Grammar School
  • SCEGGS-Redlands
  • Wenona School
  • St Andrew’s Cathedral School
  • Pittwater House

Catholic Private High Schools

  • Brigidine College
  • Marist College Eastwood
  • Mater Maria Catholic College
  • Mercy College Chatswood
  • Mount St Benedict College

Public Schools

  • Davidson High School
  • Killara High School
  • Killarney Heights High School
  • NBSC Mackellar Girls High School
  • St Ives High School
  • Turramurra High School
  • Willoughby Girls High School
  • Balgowlah Boys High School