Enrolment FAQs

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions we receive regarding our enrolment process. We hope we are able to answer all of your queries, but if not, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your additional queries.

Most definitely. Please contact us if you wish to have a private tour of the school.

We advise parents to send an application form for Kindy before June in the year prior to entry. That said, we do accept enrolments for the entirety of the year, subject to availability.

Unfortunately, it does not. This is because all children who apply to SJIS must sit an assessment or attend an interview with the Deputy Principal for entry into the International Division and with the Japanese Division Deputy Principal/ School Principal for entry into the Japanese Division, before any formal letter of offer can be made. This assessment determines ‘school readiness’. Children must be accompanied by at least one parent/guardian for the assessment.
We can only accept children from families that have permanent residency or have the legal temporary visas to be able to live and work in Australia. Tourist visas are not eligible for enrolment. Please note, all visas must be arranged prior to application to the school.

Our staff work diligently to make sure that students feel welcome immediately, even if they have never spoken a word of Japanese or English. SJIS accepts kindergarten students of any language ability. It is not imperative that a child speaks English or Japanese for acceptance into Kindergarten. Students will be taught language foundations throughout the kindergarten year. SJIS provides a safe and nurturing environment for children to pick up the necessary language foundations and conventions to excel in their continued education. For those students entering the School into the International Division from Year 1, an English language proficiency assessment is required. Our language learning classes are set up in a three-tiered structure (streamed by language ability), which ensures that all children are placed in the right language ability class for them to learn and flourish.

Absolutely. We offer Experience Days for those families interested in enrolling their child/children in the school, but who wish to experience a day at school first. Experience Days are priced at $75/day. For more information on Experience Days, please contact us

Yes; we are a co-educational, non-denominational, multi-cultural school which welcomes ALL children from ALL nationalities and religions.
Yes. We offer a 10% reduction when two children from the same family enrol at SJIS. For three or more siblings, a 50% discount rate is applied.