School Bus

Students are provided with safe and reliable bus transport to SJIS from the North Shore, Northern Beaches and some Western suburbs.

SJIS utilises the NSW State Bus Service for the majority of bus routes, as well as two school charter buses. The state buses are available free of charge to students who have either Australian citizenship or who hold permanent residency, or other eligible visas. For those students on visas that do not entitle them to permanent residency or Australian citizenship, an Opal card will need to be purchased, and a small fee will be charged per trip.

To ensure the safety of students, the school encourages a ‘bus buddy’ system, which partners Kindergarten students with older students who travel on the same bus route. This system is facilitated by the representative managing the bus stop, who can organise introductions between families.

The School requests that Kindergarten students are dropped off and picked up by parents for the first 3 weeks of Term 1. Thereafter, they can ride the school charter bus or state bus (depending on the route they wish to take home).

Morning Bus Route

Afternoon Bus Route

The SJIS bus service

If you wish to contact the bus companies used by SJIS, you may use the numbers below:

  • State Bus – CDC NSW : 131 500 (Transport for NSW)
  • Chartered Bus – North Sydney Bus Charters : 9427 8533

If you wish to purchase an Opal card, please see instructions at this link: