At SJIS significant advances in second language teaching and learning are made through an affiliation with the Centre for Language Teaching Research at Macquarie University (Sydney). Curriculum development is monitored by some of Australia’s top researcher’s in second language acquisition to ensure that our approach is the finest on offer.

It has been recognised in many studies that children who become proficient in a second language have greater mental agility, a sharper memory and are likely to be more alert later in life. Such children also develop a broader appreciation and adaptability in a variety of social and cultural contexts. Bilingualism also opens social and economic doors that are not easily accessible to mono-linguists.

Teaching Staff

Teachers are recruited from Australia and Japan. The School receives a large number of applications for teaching positions and teachers are appointed on merit.

Student Population

Class sizes never exceed more than 22 in each grade with one teacher.

We can always compare ourselves academically to other public and private schools in NSW through the Australian government’s MySchool website.

School Fees

There is a provision for sibling discounts. This discount applies to third and subsequent children. Please refer to our fees page to obtain the up to date information relating to fees.

School Lunch

SJIS provides a canteen service to students for recess and lunch meals. The Tuck Shop provides a varied and healthy range of food options in line with the School’s Healthy Eating Program. Daily choices of both hot and cold meals as well as healthy snacks are available. Please see the Tuck Shop menu.

Secondary and High Schools

There is not one specific school chosen by parents whereby our graduating SJIS students will follow on together. Parents will choose between public and private schools depending on their required needs (eg. continued Japanese lessons). SJIS will offer parents any advice and will also help to apply and/or enrol if needed.

Parents increasingly refer to the Australian government’s MySchool website when selecting secondary schools. The “MySchool” link provides a history of NAPLAN test results, as well as enrolment numbers, and information pertaining to family demographics.

Australian Curriculum

The following information is provided by the NSW Board of Studies.

Parents’ Guide to the NSW Primary Syllabuses
The Board of Studies has provided NSW schools with copies of the Parents’ Guide to the NSW Primary Syllabuses for distribution to parents.

The Parents’ Guide has been developed to help parents follow their child’s early learning and to help them talk with teachers about day-to-day classroom activities and their child’s progress.

The Guide provides some examples of the kinds of things children can learn in each of the key learning areas in each stage of primary school. It is also available in the following languages:

Deciding when to start your child is an important decision to make. SJIS ensures that their first 7 years at Primary School will be great years for them. In NSW children can start school in first term if the child is turning 5 by July 31 that year. Parents can read with their child, teach them nursery rhymes, sing and let them play and socialise with other children all help to get them ready for school.