This term all students have been engaged in weekly mixed lessons in Coding with an external Coding educator.


One of our International Division Year 6 students has commented on his experience:

国際学級のYear 6に在籍する児童が、プログラミングの授業についての感想を書いてくれました。


“I’m in Year 6 and I have been learning to code for two and a half years. I’ve learnt so many things about coding as well as using my logic and maths skills.



We’ve been using the website ‘Scratch’ for coding. It is a very good coding website if you are a beginner, because it takes you step-by-step though the different challenges, as well as allowing you to be very creative. I love coding because you start to get to know the coding algorithms behind a game you have played. This allows you to become a better player. It is also a good skill for your future life because you can become a coding expert and use the skills in nearly every industry….but of course I’d really like to code games!



I have faced a lot of challenges in my coding experiences like incorporating gravity into a game or coding the arrow keys so your characters will move and interact in different ways to improve the movement of the character. That is called ‘de-bugging’ and coding teaches you to be persistent and reflective. In the lessons we also learnt about ‘if/then/else’ choices and how to use the ‘forever’ code. This helps your code to become more streamlined and efficient.


If you have ever wondered about learning how to code, I would encourage you to just have a go! ”



Harry Walker Year 6-3, International Division

6-3 ハリー・ウォーカー(国際学級)