Our Annual English Language Festival was held on Friday 15th February. Students from Years 1 to 6 of the Japanese Division were able to showcase their English language progression to their families, friends and classmates. The Japanese Division students have a daily English language lesson, which usually are divided into three levels. But, for these special performances, all students perform together in a variety of plays.  Students started practising for the festival as soon as Term 4 of the Japanese Division commenced. Their hard work paid off in their fabulous performances in words, song and dance!



1年生は「Which Pet? 」

2年生は「The Selfish Giant」

3年生は「Harry Potter and the Magic Ball of Wimble Bimble」


5・6年生は「Wind in the Willows」を発表しました。

The performances were excellent and students performed exceptionally well.



(Y5-1 Classroom teacher)

5年1組 担任:江藤建輔