At SJIS we are fortunate enough to have what we call Mixed Lessons. This enables both students and staff to work closely with each other. In this way we can use both curriculums in Art, Music, HSIE or Social Studies, Coding and Physical Education to give the children the great benefits of two educational systems.



The children learn to socialise and think in two languages. If lessons are held by the International teacher students must learn to listen and question in English. If the lessons are held in Japanese the children think and write in that language. This improves their colloquial language skills.


During Physical Education students learn Japanese skipping skills, gymnastic skills and can also take part in the Australian soccer tournaments, Cross Country Carnival and International Sports days. We learn both Japanese traditional dances and western dance techniques such as hip hop. All of Year Three also learnt Australian Rules football.


During Art we participate in Japanese art competitions, learn origami and Japanese art techniques. We also learn about Australian artists and their styles of painting.


This year, Year Three students have worked together cooperatively on Sports Day, in coding lessons, dance lessons and art lessons. We have also been on excursions together to the Chinese Gardens, visited a variety of places of worship and look forward to visiting a farm next term. Together we also play both Australian and Japanese games that are led by the Japanese high school students.



The students are very lucky to be immersed in two cultures and two curriculums.



Year 3-3 Ms Deadman and Year 3-1 Mrs Sawagashira

3年1組 担任:澤頭めぐみ & 3年3組 担任:ジュディ・デッドマン