It was for an extended period that our students were in an online learning mode. Despite the challenges, they managed to complete their lessons, submit their work, and achieve their learning outcomes. A big ‘thank you’ to parents who collected materials from school on numerous occasions, and who were there to assist and guide the children during learning activities. The students adapted to online language classes very well. It developed their independence. Technology enabled them to join lessons, and to complete and send their work to us each week for evaluation. We were then able to provide the necessary feedback. However, in saying that, it was with great relief and much joy that we welcomed our classes back to school for face to face interaction.







The students have reflected on their remote learning. Here is a sample of their comments.


  • I enjoyed English and music.  Yuki
  • I enjoyed observing insects and playing lots of recorders.  I learnt about Apps.  Eiji
  • I learnt grammar in English and how to juggle 17 times!  I could play soccer with my mother and I read a lot of comics.  Hiroto
  • I learnt various English words and I enjoyed the fun of connecting just by Zoom to do textbook learning together.    Asato
  • I enjoyed gaming, reading and eating.  I learnt about Nobunaga Oda in social studies.  I was challenged by the 5 Minute morning learning.  Seita
  • Firstly I didn’t have to wake up early and I didn’t have to wear my uniform.  I enjoyed art the most, because I got to use cardboard.  I learnt to be positive.  Austin
  • I enjoyed listening to books on Epic!  I learnt Spelling Rules. Which was fun.  I was challenged that there was a lot of screen time in one day.  Kanata
  • I enjoyed learning on Zoom using the iPad and not having to catch the bus.  I was challenged to unmute!  Kenta
  • You can go for a walk at lunchtime and play with your neighbours.  Emma
  • I enjoyed learning with my Mum.  I also liked preparing speeches.  Sanbi
  • I liked doing art and music.  I concentrated on Spelling Rules.  Alyssa.
  • I used the iPad all term 2 to do English work.  It was fun.  Makoto
  • I enjoyed speaking and studying.  I learnt that study is important.  Iria
  • I enjoyed mini-talks and asking questions about wildlife carers in breakout rooms.  I learnt how to record a mini-talk on Loilo Note.  Hana
  • I enjoyed talking to my Mum about what I thought, and making all kinds of snacks.  I learnt to be patient .   Akiho
  • I liked that when school ended instead of spending time going home on the bus, we were at home instantly. Hugo
  • The fun thing about online learning was you could make your background different. Richard
  • I thought it was easy because you couldn’t forget anything at home because you were at home. Elena
  • I liked online lessons. I didn’t need to look at bad people so it was fun. Also, when I had something I didn’t know, my father and mother told me how to do it. Chihaya
  • Online learning was good because many teachers thought of good ways to study which were easy and fun. The English Zoom lessons were great. I could have discussions on various topics with my friends. Teresa
  • I thought it was good to learn about technology like using the computer and Ipad. I didn’t know a lot about using technology but I learned how to do it. Kouchi
  • Online learning was great! We could see out friends on Zoom lessons. I also got to spend time with my family members at home. Aina


Allan Meadows

English Department