Lunch Time

Tuck Shop

SJIS has a Tuck Shop on campus that children can use for lunch orders.
The menu consists of some well-loved Japanese classics such as sushi and bento boxes, as well as healthy sandwiches, hamburgers, pizza and pasta, all prepared on premises with the very freshest ingredients.

View the tuck shop menu Tuck Shop Menu Octoboer 2023

View the !NEW! 2021 Tuck shop ‘wrap’ additions! Tuck Shop Wraps (English) Tuck Shop Wraps (Japanese)

Lunch time at SJIS

Lunchtime at SJIS is unique. Students spend the first half of lunchtime, “Lunch Break”, eating their food with their classmates and their teacher, reinforcing the joys of shared mealtime in Japanese culture.

Often the class will be found outside on a picnic rug on a sunny day! After mealtime, students spend the second half of lunchtime, “Lunch Recess”, playing and enjoying the School’s grounds and facilities. Lunch time provides students with an opportunity to ride one of the many unicycles found on campus, play handball, jump the skipping rope or enjoy the playground equipment. Every lunch time is supervised by an allocated teacher.

The school library is also open during lunch time, and offers students the opportunity to read or borrow a book.