School Life

The SJIS campus is abundant with activity. From cultural celebrations, to concerts, club activities and festivals, there is never a dull moment on campus.

Clubs create the opportunity for children to be involved in activities outside of the classroom curriculum, with students from other years. In the upper years of schooling, additional seasonal clubs are offered in Term time, including cooking, book club, craft and science.

As students’ progress through their SJIS education, they are exposed to a range of activities,including inter-school debating, inter-school sporting programs and visits with other International Schools.

After School Activities





Cheer Leading

Tuesday & Thursday

Multi-Sports Club






Book Club

Monday, Wednesday & Friday


Wednesday & Friday


All students (except Kindergarten) enjoy four excursions throughout the year. This is an opportunity to bring learning into action. Excursions also provide students with an opportunity to enjoy fun activities together outside of the classroom environment, promoting friendship and class bonding.

Cultural Celebrations

Various Japanese events are celebrated on campus throughout the year by all students. Whether it is Setsubun Day or Children’s Week, SJIS students learn about and participate in these fun and colourful celebrations.


The Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) fulfils an important role by supporting, promoting and fundraising for the school, through regular school events. With a strong steering committee, the PTA represents parents and links them to the school. The highlight of the PTA calendar of events is the end of year school disco and the annual Japanese school Fun Fair.

School Hours

The school requires ALL students to arrive at the school by 8:30am to settle in before classes commence at 8:50am. School finishes at 3:20pm.