School Semester Periods 

The International Division (NSW Curriculum) school calendar year commences in January and ends in December every year. The Japanese Division (Japanese Curriculum) school calendar year commences in April and ends in March of the following year. SJIS has the same four (4) semester system as state schools, but with slightly different vacation periods. For example, the Summer vacation from December to January is slightly shorter than that of public schools, and the autumn vacation from March to April is slightly longer.

Term Calendar for International Division : From January to December

Term Start End
Term 1 / 2023 Wednesday 18 January Thursday 23 March
Term 2 / 2023 Wednesday 26 April Friday 30 June
Term 3 / 2023 Tuesday 18 July Friday 22 September
Term 4 / 2023 Tuesday 10 October Thursday 7 December
Term 1/ 2024 Wednesday 17 January Thursday 21 March

2023 International Divsion School Calendar

Term Calendar for Japanese Division : From April to March

Term Start End
Term 1 / 2023  Wednesday 26 April Friday 30 June
Term 2 / 2023 Tuesday 18 July Friday 22 September
Term 3 / 2023 Tuesday 10 October Tuesday 19 December
Term 4 / 2024 Wednesday 17 January Thursday 21 March

Vacation Care

Vacation care is available for the convenience of parents from March to April each year (ie. where SJIS holidays do not coincide with local school holidays). Children get to enjoy fun daily activities such as cooking and sport.

School Events


Entrance Ceremony

Entrance Ceremonies are celebrated as important milestones in the SJIS community. The Kindergarten Entrance Ceremony for new Kindergarten students is held in January every year. This ceremony is often attended by Japanese dignitaries and other SJIS VIPs.

Every April,a Japanese Division entrance ceremony is held for those students entering Year 1 of the Japanese Division and those entering the first grade of Junior High School (Year 7).


Graduation Ceremony

A graduation ceremony is held in December each year for students graduating Year 6. Students deliver speeches in both Japanese and English to their parents, colleagues and teachers.

In March, the Japanese Division holds a graduation ceremony for those elementary students entering Junior High School. Students sing the Japanese and Australian national anthems and deliver speeches in both languages to their colleagues, teachers and peers.


Sports Day

Sports day is a major annual event for SJIS. Sports day celebrates Australian sporting events, as well as much-loved Japanese sporting events. A traditional Japanese dance is showcased every year, and is a consistent highlight of the event.


School Concert

The SJIS Annual School Concert is held in November each year and includes a night performance. It showcases the musical ability of students from each grade.


Language Festival

The Japanese Language Festival and the English Language Festival are held every year and are wonderful opportunities for students to demonstrate their newly acquired language skills, through songs and plays.


School Excursions

School excursions are a regular part of the annual calendar. Each grade enjoys excursions throughout the year to locations such as Vision Valley, Canberra and Darling Harbour.

International Sports Day

International Sports Day

Each year SJIS opens its gates up to other neighbouring international schools to participate in friendly sporting games. This is a special event in the SJIS calendar which builds cross cultural appreciation and acceptance.