Our School Ethos

School, students and teachers are all committed to to work together towards the common vision in order to achieve our education philosophy.

SJIS  is the only school of its kind in Australia offering international educational environment providing 2 curriculums – NSW curriculum in International Division and MEXT curriculum in Japanese Division.

Our school is…

  1. A bilingual and International school which respects and celebrates its diverse community.
  2. An innovative educational environment that fosters academic success by nurturing broad learning and academic guidance.
  3. A school rich in culture, set in a serene environment surrounded by nature.

Our students are…

  1. Self-motivated and confident children, with strong academic ability, who thrive in a global society.
  2. Excellent communicators who engage in respectful relationships with a wide range of people from different cultures and countries.
  3. Broad-minded and thoughtful individuals who are ready to take on new challenges.

Our teachers are…

  1. Creative and motivated teaching professionals who offer a broad perspective.
  2. Internationally-minded, passionate educators who inspire students (to reach their potential).
  3. Resourceful and highly-proficient experts who are attentive to the academic needs of each child.