Greetings from the Head of International Division

Welcome to the International Division of Sydney Japanese International School, where our purpose is to bring out the best in every student, and help them approach life with self-motivation, confidence and consideration for others.

The welcoming and friendly nature found within Australia and Japan is in abundance once you walk through the doors at SJIS.  From the time you hear the traditional morning greeting “Ohayo Gozaimasu”, every student and family is made to feel part of this unique school community.

We offer the NSW K-6 curriculum to students from diverse cultural backgrounds, focusing on high quality education and cross-cultural immersion. SJIS fosters students’ development through its unique bilingual and bicultural program. The International Division prides itself on a high level of academic achievement, smaller class sizes and a caring and stimulating learning environment.

After decades of experience of educating students from Japan or Australia, we are especially interested in helping them maintain their sense of cultural identity.  To this end, we deliver the Japanese Foreign Language program in many different forms and encourage programmes that enable students to remain connected.  Japanese culture is promoted with the annual Japanese Language Festival, the whole school Soran Dance on Sports Day, and calligraphy lessons, as well as the usual celebration of festivals and Japanese cooking classes, which provide rich and authentic contexts in which to foster language development and cultural awareness.

SJIS is an inclusive school where academic standards are high.  We work hard to get to know every student within the community, discover his or her personal strengths and interests and guide all of them towards the right paths for growth.  There is room for every interest and talent at SJIS, regardless of whether this is in science, music, sports, coding, design or more.  We are delighted to go on a journey with your children at their pace and at their time.

When you choose to join our school community, you will quickly realise that SJIS is a unique school and that you are part of something exceptional.  We do encourage you to visit us so that you can experience the school for yourselves.

Simon van Dinter

Head of International Division

Greetings from the Deputy Principal (Japanese Division)

Be Kakehashi in the peaceful world – Two curriculums, One school. 

Once you enter the school gates, you will be welcomed by children and an environment which is synonymous with a truly international school.

SJIS was founded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as an overseas education facility to provide the education as is undertaken in Japan, as well as being the registered private school accredited by the Ministry of Education of NSW. We have two curriculums in one school.

We offer the Japanese curriculum from Years 1 to Year 9 in the Japanese Division. Experienced Japanese native teachers, selected and assigned to our school from Japan, are teaching the curriculum to the children one by one with care.

Children living in the coming era have acquired solid academic ability that is useful for living while recognizing and respecting the cultures and differences between the two countries. It is truly a school where you can receive education that goes beyond Japanese school education while you are in Australia.

Please let me introduce our Japanese Division.

  1. A world-class curriculum with strength in Mathematics and Science

Not only can students build Japanese as their mother tongue, but they also learn the Japanese curriculum which is popular for permanent residents in Australia. In particular, we maintain a high academic level for Mathematics and Science. 

  1. Mixed lessons with the International Division

Classrooms of both the Japanese Division and International Division are next to each other. The Music, Arts, PE lessons, and Programming (coding) lessons are held together with the International Division. These lessons also help students to understand both the Japanese and Australian culture, whilst also having an opportunity to put into practice their language skills with their peers through natural interaction.

  1. Daily English lessons with our native English teachers

The real added benefit of the curriculum is the comprehensive daily English language program. Students learn English every day in one of three English language level classes. Students have an annual TOEIC Bridge test to monitor their English proficiency in the middle of the year. The English Language Festival (Primary) and the English Speaking Competition (High School) are annual events where students are able to showcase their skills in English language and drama. 

SJIS provides a great opportunity for our students in the Japanese Division to be in an environment where English is used everyday.

  1. Strong pastoral care

We offer a nurturing learning environment to all students depending on each student’s needs. Students have a chance to talk with a School Counsellor anytime. We also offer assistance in various areas if a student should require it.

  1. Development of  ICT skills

We offer Coding lessons to all students as a Mixed Lesson on SJIS supplied i-Pads. Students are also required to use LoiLo Note and Google Classroom, as their online learning tools. Therefore, they are developing their ICT skills with technology integrated into their learning.

  1. A wide selection of Japanese books

Our school library boasts the largest selection of Japanese books in the Southern Hemisphere. Children can choose their favourite books from more than 23,000 titles (Japanese books : 12,000, English Books: 11,000). It’s a great opportunity that they can borrow a Japanese book, even whilst living outside of Japan. Parents can also borrow our books.

  1. We follow 4 terms like Australian schools 

There are 4 terms in the school year in NSW and we follow it so our Japanese Division has 4 terms as well but the school year commences in April, as in Japan. Children have their favourite snacks at morning recess. This is a foreign culture and life that we won’t see at schools in Japan.

  1. Career path

Many students go to highly selective schools in Japan after they graduate from SJIS. We also connect with some high schools with endorsement and with plans to expand it.  By studying at our school, students will have more possibilities to choose a destination that suits them when they are back in Japan.

Sydney Japanese International School is a school where you can learn “Japanese education not found in Japan”. Students spend a strict and warm time by taking advantage of the small number of people. I believe that the children who have learned here will surely become a “Kakehashi” in a peaceful world. 

I warmly welcome you to SJIS, and look forward to seeing you.

Yuzo Otsuki
Japanese Division Deputy Principal