Curriculum Overview

The Sydney Japanese International School is unique in its capacity to have two curriculums under the one roof: The NSW Australian curriculum (from Kindergarten to Year 6) as instructed by NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority), and the Japanese curriculum (from Years 1-9) as currently taught in Japan. We call these curriculums the International Division (NSW Curriculum) and then Japanese Division (Japanese Curriculum).

The NSW curriculum includes the Key Learning Areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Human Society and its Environment, Creative Arts, Languages, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE). There is a strong focus on English and Mathematics, coupled with a challenging and inclusive framework to nurture every student’s excellence and personal best.

The timetable is structured into a 6 period day, with each lesson lasting 50 minutes. Students learn Japanese in addition to the standard NSW syllabus, and partake in mixed lessons with students from the Japanese division. These mixed lessons are offered in the subjects of PE, Visual Art, Computer Coding and Music, and start from Year 1.

A detailed description of the International (NSW) Curriculum can be found here.

A detailed description of the Japanese Curriculum can be found here.

We maintain small class sizes for both curricula. This nurtures our students’ individual needs by optimising student-teacher relationships and maximising the students’ academic, social and emotional success.

SJIS offers the very best environment to nurture children’s respect of one another through cultural diversity.

Japanese Division (Japanese Curriculum) International Division (NSW Curriculum)
The division uses Japanese textbooks as distributed by Japan Overseas Education Services.

▶Learn more about the Primary School curriculum here.
▶Learn more about the Junior High School curriculum here.

The International Division follows the K-6 NSW curriculum as devised by NESA.

▶Learn more about the Kindergarten curriculum here.
▶Learn more about the Year 1-6 curriculum here.

In addition to the English component as part of the Japanese curriculum, students of the Japanese Division will receive English language classes taught by native English-speaking teachers with Australian teaching qualifications.
The primary school has five 45-minute English classes per week. The junior high school has four 45-minute English classes per week.▶Learn more about the English Language class overview here
All International Division students receive five 45-minute Japanese language classes per week, taught by native Japanese speakers.

▶Learn more about the Japanese Language classes here

The subject areas of Art, PE and Music are taught as mixed classes, where both the Japanese and International Division classes of the same year participate. Find out more about mixed lessons.
The majority of students enrolling into SJIS start in Kindergarten. Kindergarten sits within the International Division at SJIS. From Year 1, students have the choice to progress to either the Japanese or the International Division. SJIS accepts students wishing to enrol in other grade levels through an interview with either the Deputy Principal or Principal.
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Approximately 220 students
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