Students have begun the new school year in their English classes very positively. Teachers have used the first week to observe and assess the students to ensure they are in the most suitable class.

For each year group, there are three classes in which students may be placed to study English, depending on their background, experience and learning needs. These are referred to as English 1, English 2 and English 3.

English 1 and English 2 classes mainly cater for native Japanese speaking students learning English as an additional language. Students are usually placed in the English 1 class (beginning level) and will progress to English 2 (Intermediate level) after a period of approximately one year. The programs for these students are fun and stimulating, with a focus on communication and learning to enjoy English, while developing the knowledge, understanding, and the listening, reading, speaking and writing skills necessary for interaction in English.

English 3 classes mainly cater for students who are permanent residents and who plan to continue their education in Australia. These students follow the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum (Board of Studies) at the appropriate stage (each stage takes 2 years to complete). With the majority of these students moving to an Australian high school, the focus is on completing the local curriculum and developing the academic skills required for their future studies.

High School students are divided into two classes. The English 2 class mainly studies NSW (Australian) curriculum content.

English culture days are planned to develop students’ knowledge of the culture of Australian communities and for students to reflect on their own cultural heritage. These often incorporate songs, dance, games, art and drama.

An English Language Festival (Primary) and an English Speaking Competition (High School) are annual events where students are able to showcase their skills in English language and drama.

Reporting provides feedback to students, parents and other teachers about student progress.

There are two formal written reports prepared and sent to parents each year, at the end of Semester 1 (September) and Semester 2 (March). Parent-Teacher Interviews are held mid Semester 1 (June) and optionally mid Semester 2 (December).

SJIS English Department Teachers

Allan Meadows, Craig Stewart, Lisa Tang