Research over the years tells us, that the more you are involved in your child’s learning, the greater success your child will have.
How can I help my child?
Time spent reading! Be aware of how much time your child is reading at home and how often you are involved in that process.
Encourage them to read and motivate your child by selecting books that they are interested in.
Ten tips:
1. Read often
2. Choose a quiet time
3. Make it a special time with your child
4. Let your child select books of interest
5. Question your child before, during and after reading
6. Keep reading aloud to your child even as they get older
7. Select a variety of books, e.g. fiction, picture books, novels, comics
8. Be a good role model by reading yourself
9. Read books that are at the right level – does your child understand the meaning of the story?
10. Make it fun… reading for pleasure not as a chore


Support Teacher Mrs Lisle